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Mt Martha Veterinary Clinic
6 Langrigg Ave
Mt Martha
VIC 3934

03 5974 1199

We all want the best nutrition for our pets, but how do you choose the perfect diet we hear you ask? It's easy! By consistently feeding a premium food, you can ensure your pet stays healthy and lives longer. Premium foods are high quality and prepared with the correct balance of nutrients and calories.

Research confirms premium food is more economical than supermarket brands - you need to feed less quantity of a premium food for greater benefits.

Here are just a few of the pros of a premium, highly digestible food:


  • excellent coat and skin
  • maximum absorption and uptake nutrients
  • reduced tummy upsets
  • minimal, well formed faeces that are easy to pick up (who wouldn't want that!?)

We still have a 10% off HILLS SCIENCE DIET offer on during March- we can order you a big bag, take 10% off and deliver it to your door all within 48 hours....just give us a call.

Premium foods offer options for every stage of your pet's life so be sure to ask us about the best nutrition for your pet....

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