Our Hydrobath is open for use during clinic hours. Located in our large contained back yard it’s ideal after a walk on a Peninsula beach or the Balcombe estuary.

Do-it-yourself: using your own shampoo and towels or with ours, no appointment required but to avoid waiting its best to ring first

Book for a nurse bath: allow 1-2 hours so we can dry off your dog as much as possible

What is a Hydrobath?

A hydrobath is a type of bathing system where water containing shampoo is pumped through a shower head at a moderate pressure which allows full penetration of dogs thick hair coats. The pressurised flow effectively removes debris from the skin

During shampooing water is pumped in a recycled system. This is ideal for medicated shampoos which need contact time on the skin to work well.

During rinsing fresh water is used

Why use a Hydrobath?

Hydrobaths are super efficient at moving dirt and dead skin out of the coat, giving a much cleaner result that just hand washing

Hydrobathing here saves lots of mess and drama at home

Medicated shampoos need 5-10 minutes of contact time to work and the recycled pumping right down onto the skin allows this to be accomplished easily

Dogs love the massage effect of the water pump

How do I use the Hydrobath?

We will show you how and someone is always on hand if you forget the next time. Give us enough warning and we can set it up to go for you, or even easier book ahead and one of the nurses will do it for you.