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Pre-Anaesthetic Information for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

This handout explains what to expect and how best to prepare your pet.

  1. NOTE There is no need to withhold food with guinea pigs or rabbits before an anaesthetic, so please give them food and water as normal beforehand.
  2. Please put your pet in a safe enclosed carrier for the journey to the clinic. Your pet will feel more secure in a carrier if there are dogs and cats at reception when you arrive.
  3. Bring a lunchbox with some of their favorite food, we will offer this to them as soon as possible after surgery.
  4. Bring your pet to the clinic between 8.45 and 10.00am. (Your pet may be admitted outside this time by prior arrangement).
  5. When you come please allow 10 minutes to complete the admission process. You will be asked to read and sign a consent form while we weigh your pet. Importantly we need the best daytime phone number (ie usually a mobile) in case we need to contact you during the day.
  6. We will advise when to phone and arrange a collection time, usually we ask you to call the clinic on 5974 1199 around 3pm for an update and arrange collection between 4-6pm.

To help achieve the highest level of safety possible for your pet we also offer intra-operative fluid therapy and pre anaesthetic blood testing. It is important to note that blood tests and fluid therapy do not guarantee the absence of complications under anaesthetic, but they do reduce risk and may alert us to conditions that may affect your pets care.


The provision of intravenous fluids during surgery helps maintain blood pressure and helps the body to efficiently eliminate the anaesthetic. This is a very effective way to enhance safety, reduce anaesthetic risk and hasten recovery. As every patient will benefit from intra-operative fluid therapy it is highly recommended for all but the shortest of surgical/general anaesthetic procedures. (Depending on the procedure this may already be included in your estimate – if unsure please check with our staff)

(Prices current 2021)

Click here to download this information as a handout.